Add or remove shadows to elements with box-shadow utilities.


While shadows on components are disabled by default in Bootstrap and can be enabled via $enable-shadows , you can also quickly add or remove a shadow with our box-shadow utility classes. Includes support for .shadow-none and three default sizes (which have associated variables to match).

No shadow
Small shadow
Regular shadow
Larger shadow
 <!-- shadows -->
<div class="shadow-none p-3 mb-5 bg-light rounded">No shadow</div>
<div class="shadow-sm p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Small shadow</div>
<div class="shadow p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Regular shadow</div>
<div class="shadow-lg p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Larger shadow</div>

Smooth Shadows

Smoother & sharper shadows with layered box-shadows. for more information

Smooth regular shadow
Smooth medium shadow
Smooth larger shadow
<!-- smooth shadow -->
 <div class="smooth-shadow-sm p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Smooth regular shadow</div>
 <div class="smooth-shadow-md p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Smooth medium shadow</div>
 <div class="smooth-shadow-lg p-3 bg-white rounded">Smooth larger shadow</div>